What Are the Best Neighborhoods on Long Island?

Long Island is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, best known for its large beaches and dense population of creative people.  Whether you’re from the area or not, there’s a lot to be said about getting to be this close to the Big Apple while still avoiding traffic and having easy beach access.

These are the top neighborhoods if you’re considering moving out here, and why Long Island should be anyone’s top choice!

Why Long Island?

Long Island may be densely populated, but it’s not as packed as Manhattan.  Still accessible to The Big Apple for work, you can enjoy living as close to the beach as you want while enjoying walkable neighborhoods and tight-knit communities.  Long Island is one of the best places to raise kids if you want to get them into the best schools while also offering residents the chance to find a healthy work-play balance.

Although Long Island Houses for sale may be more expensive than the national average, it’s worth it to live in such a paradise.


Although Plainview may sound simple, it’s one of the most incredible places for any up-and-coming family to live.  If you want to guarantee your kids will get into great schools and have a career path ready the moment they graduate: this is the place to go.  The excellent school systems, huge green parks, low crime rates, and fantastic amenities ensure that living here feels like paradise.  Sitting as close as possible to the Long Island Expressway, you can easily get to work in New York City in no time and then enjoy your time at home in peace and quiet.


If you’re more focused on sports than raising a family: Commack offers something new and fun for fans!  This used to be home to the Long Island Arena, but it’s still home to that healthy competitive glow that any sports arena brings to an area.  Commack is well known for being one of the areas more densely populated by celebrities, ensuring you can enjoy chance encounters with television and movie stars!


Huntington is a massive town that’s the most well-known outside of New York.  Not only does it have an awesome nightlife full of glitz and glamor, incredible bars and restaurants, and fantastic entertainment, but it’s also home to some of the best schools in the state.  This area is home to many other smaller communities, so anyone can find paradise within its limits!


If you want to feel like you’ve slipped into the silver screen, you’ll feel like you’ve dipped into a movie in Islandia.  These neighborhoods are simple but beautifully laid out and symmetrical, with some of the friendliest communities you’ll find.  If you want to feel welcome every time you make your way home, this is where home should be.

There’s Nothing Quite Like Long Island

Long Island can be crowded in areas, and it might be expensive: but it’s also one of the best places in the country to live.  Consider visiting and getting to know more than the crowds, and you’ll fall in love as well.

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