Tips on Buying Land to Build Your Dream House

Today, land seems to be going as fast as snow on a June day. Penturbia is fast replacing suburbia as our cities become more dangerous and unstable, more of us run for the countryside, for fields of flowers blowing in the wind, cattle lowing and quiet, peaceful nights. As people cross county lines for their little piece of heaven, land prices are steadily rising. Could it be that many of us have a touch of green fever?

It’s becoming more and more desirable to live in the country- to live sustainably…living in the country is becoming as popular as love. Many of us start out running the rat race in the city; when we get burned out, we flee to the country side, to the small, or large, acreages. We’re finding out we can live better on less beyond the sidewalks. I know many of us are trading those corporate jobs for work at home, live off the land opportunities. Bur first you have to buy your land…land characteristics vary widely and you need to spend considerable time thinking about what you want and need from a piece of land, as it will have a major influence on your style of life. Roads in the country are often not maintained any too well, they may not be paved, they may be full of holes, and heavy rains may wash them out completely, leaving you isolated. You could find yourself unable to get to work, visit friends, get to the hospital, so when checking out an area where you think you might want to live, study the country roads.

Check out the soil on your prospective home place; reach down and take a handful of the stuff-really get the feel of it. Check with your local County Extension Agency to find out the soil type and what’s been grown on it in the past. Are you planning to grow an orchard or a garden? Do you want your land to be mountainous, hilly or flat ? Where do you feel the most comfortable, and what’s in your minds’ eye when you think of your dream homestead? I need to be near hills and mountains, the flat land of the plains I find boring. Every type of land has advantages and disadvantages, you just have to decide what you can live with and then go find it.

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