Protecting Your Privacy While Marketing Your Home

Are you sure your privacy is protected while your home is out on the market? Most homeowners who want to sell their homes bring along with them their precious belongings including confidential documents when relocating to a new home. But this does not guarantee that their privacy is 100% protected from homebuyers’ eyes. You will be surprised how much these homebuyers know about you.

Here are some tips you can do in order to protect your privacy after your decide to market your home.

Before relocating to a new home, make sure to remove all pertinent documents in all the drawers especially built-in cabinets. Check thoroughly before leaving the house. Remember that buyers tend to open drawers out of curiosity as they roam around houses for sale.

As a seller you must avoid leaving any mail that maybe seen by others. Many sellers leave lots of mails piled up on the counter or on the table. This may include credit card accounts, utility bills, mortgages, collection notices, and other personal correspondence.

Make sure to collect your mail on your vacant home so as to avoid any unauthorized persons reading any of your mails. You can also write or inform your friends, credit companies, banks and others about your new mailing address so they can forward all the mails to your new residence.

Even if reading someone else’s mail is a bad habit, many buyers still have the possibility of reading these mails. These mails will tell a lot about you when read by anyone. The buyer will have an idea on your spending and lifestyle just by reading those mails. If a buyer knows a lot of information about you, he or she can easily haggle for the price that is often unfavorable on your side as a seller.

Many home sellers do not mind leaving their diplomas, awards, certificates and citations hanging on the wall. Do you know that these items can give enough information about who you are? It simply tells the story of your profession that might affect the decision of the buyer. For instance, you are from the military, and there are buyers who might not want to buy homes from military people.

The same way when you leave photographs of your wedding on the wall, these photos can tell what religion you are affiliated with. Such pictures can tell many things about you. You must never give a buyer an idea of who you are and what you do. Don’t let them know what you like and dislike because they will take advantage of these information to convince you or negotiate for a lower selling price. In this case, it is best to remove pictures, diplomas, awards, and other similar items before selling your home. These items won’t help anyway in selling out your home so better keep it or hang it on your new home.

There are also instances where home sellers who were divorced or separated couples would want to sell their house quickly because of pressure. But of course such information should be private. But sometimes the buyer will know such information. This is by merely looking at the contents of the closets.

Because of the pressure, sellers who have just separated just leave their home and have it marketed without even bothering to empty their closets. It doesn’t really matter whether the seller had just separated or not but once the buyer learned about it and knows that the seller is very desperate to sell the house, the buyer will offer the least price possible. In this case, you must never leave any personal belonging that may give a clue on your intentions of selling your house.

Leaving any personal belongings behind your house for sale will leave traces that will give the buyer an idea and information about your personality. The buyer may use such information for his or her own advantage.

So before putting your home in the market you must have time to prepare everything. Pack up anything that is not included for sale. Even old letters, utility bills and other correspondence should be emptied from the drawers. Remove all personal items on the closets.

With these simple steps, you are assured that your privacy is well protected.

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