Call Capture Can Increase the Quality of Real Estate Leads

Some real estate agents have an easy time procuring leads, but not all of those leads result in a sale. And no matter how many leads an agent gets, without a sale there’s no money being made. That’s why it’s important that each real estate lead is a quality lead. This means that the person is a serious buyer that you can interest in one of your properties. You can purchase a lead list, but without quality buyers you will need to do a lot of work just to make one sale.

Call capture is a technology than can help you turn a quantity of leads into quality leads. In years past, if a prospective client called a real estate office and didn’t receive an answer, there was a good chance they moved onto a different firm. If the caller didn’t leave a message, there was no way for the agent to follow-up with the caller. This cost agents business and was frustrating to those who needed to find serious leads. Now agents can track who calls them by using a call capture service. This service will essentially capture the phone number and, depending on the type of service used, the name and address of the caller.

How Call Capture Creates Quality Leads

The toll-free number used for this service automatically transfers to a recording. The recording can be specs about the property, information about you as an agent, or any other information that you want clients to know. The caller is then instructed on how to leave a message or directly connect with you. If the caller hangs up, their name and number is still captured so that you may return the call.

This translates into a quality real estate lead because you already know that the buyer or seller is interested. If it’s a buyer, you will know which property they’re interested in before speaking with them. This allows you to find two or three similar properties, so that when you follow up with their call you are prepared to present them with options.

Many times, a buyer will not call a real estate agent back, but they are more than willing to speak with an agent who follows-up with their call. Buyers often get distracted when looking at real estate, so being able to follow up on an incoming call with a list of options, makes you appear professional and furthers the client’s interest. You are more likely to make a sale with an interested client than one you are cold-calling off of a list.

Where to Advertise

Using call capture, you can track which number receives the most calls. This can help you target your advertising in the future. But if you’re just starting out, it’s wise to put the number on your business cards, direct mail advertisements, your sign rider and your website. This gives you a number of avenues for capturing quality real estate leads, without having to rely on cold calling or marketing to disinterested parties.

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