How to Move Your Car During a Move

Whether you’re moving across the city, state or country, you’ll need to decide whether you’re bringing your car with you or leaving it in your old city of residence. Take a look at the following things to be aware of when considering your vehicle’s final destination.

Prep it. You’ll need to prepare your car for the move. Make sure it has a fresh oil change (you’ll need one every three months or 5,000 miles), tires are pumped with no cracks and windshield wipers and headlights and taillights work properly. Make sure you have means of locating an auto repair shop if you run into an emergency along the way, and keep a map in your glove box just in case your GPS or navigation system loses its signal.

Boat or air. Before moving your vehicle to an area that you can’t travel to by road, you may want to reassess the need to bring your car with you. The expense of moving it via boat or airplane can be quite expensive – you may want to consider purchasing an entirely new vehicle once you’ve arrived at your new destination with the money you would spend on these two types of transportation. If you do decide to relocate your vehicle using either air or sea, be sure to stay informed on insurance policies, as well as your personal responsibilities and the service provider’s.

Road. Depending on the distance of your move, simply driving it to your new location is always a great option. It is likely that you’ll be traveling alone. In this case, be absolutely sure to take necessary breaks. Stopping to use the restroom, eat, stretch your legs and sleep is essential for driving long distances. Be sure that your locks are working before you walk away from your car. If you are traveling with someone, take shifts to switch on and off for driving and sleeping. You may want to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones so the driver can concentrate while listening to music without keeping the sleeping passenger awake.

Train or semi. You can hire a moving service to move your vehicle for you. This can be a great option so that miles are not racked up on your vehicle, and you will not have to worry about unforeseen mishaps along the way. Again, be sure you’re aware of policies and insurances the company has, and always take note of your car’s mileage before the movers arrive.

These can be quick and easy ways to ease the pain of moving to a different just a bit. Visit the link for more great ideas and tips for moving or Dayton movers.

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