What to do if Your House will not Pass Inspection

Selling a home isnt an easy process in most cases. Homeowners often have to jump through hoops in order to get their home off the market, and one of these hoops will have to be getting your home inspected. If the potential buyer is using a traditional financing method, such as an FHA mortgage or a conventional loan, then the bank issuing the loan will require an inspection. Most home inspectors will find some issue to include in their inspection report. Many times, these issues are minor. However, there are often times when an inspector will find a major issue that halts the mortgage process.

What Can Cause a House to Fail Inspection?

Home inspectors will provide the potential buyer and the homeowner with a list of things they find wrong with the house. There are a few problems that could halt the process. In many cases, these issues are considered to be ones that make the house unsafe to live in. Some may not seem that bad at the moment but can cause a significant amount of damage to the home if left unfixed.

The following areas could cause a home inspection to fail:

HVAC problems
Lead paint in the structure
Water Heater

What to do if Your Home Inspection Fails

If your home inspector fails your house for any problem, you can consider looking for a cash buyers. Home inspections often fail because the banks want every component of the house to be in great shape before they approve a loan. If your house isnt in the best condition and you cannot negotiate a solution with your buyer or buyers, you may want to start looking for a buyer who can pay in cash like CT Cash Homes.
Cash buyers  wont need to deal with a bank to buy the home. Indeed, this is a great option if you cant pay for the repairs to fix the problems that caused your inspection to fail. You will also be able to close quickly when you have a cash buyer willing to pay for your home. Youll often end up closing much faster doing a cash sale than you would have if you had stuck with a traditional home loan.

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