Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

Recent years have seen people become increasingly environmentally conscious. Green products, packaging and cars are becoming common place. So to is the green home. Living in a green home is not only good for the environment, but also your hip pocket. Homes built with environmental stability in mind have lower utility and running costs.

New homes are now required to have a 6 star energy rating in Victoria, and many new estates have features like recycled water available. However, you don’t have to buy a new home to be green, there are many things you can do in your current home to help the environment.

1. Water Tanks

Even as water restrictions are being lifted, having a water tank installed can be handy. Whether you are using grey water or collecting rain water from your roof, using collected water for the garden or washing the car relieves the burden on reservoir water.

2. Insulation

Properly installed insulation can keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, also saving you on bills. If you are living in an older home it is likely that there is room for improvement in your insulation. Don’t let Labor’s failed roof scheme put you off.

3. Double-paned windows

While many new homes have double-paned windows it is rare in an older home. Like insulation, they can help keep the air temperature constant.

4. Light Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs are now the only kind available, but many people still have the old style in their home. Consider making the switch. If the bright light is overwhelming then consider having light shades fitted in your home.

5. Appliances

Make sure your appliances have the highest possible energy rating. Also look at how much water they are using.

Infographic Provided By Solar Panel Installation Company, Sunburst Solar

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