Cape Coral a Waterfront Dream

Cape Coral in Florida is commonly referred to as a waterfront wonderland, in reference to the fact that the place has more than 400 miles of a navigable canal system, which is more than anywhere else in the world. The sheer extent of these water ways have actually had an effect on the tides and local ecology. The city has become the location of choice for many, and the climatic statistics present a clear indication to its appeal, with an average of 355 days of sunshine each year and very warm temperatures. However, it is not just the weather that is a big draw, the vast majority of the properties in the area are quite stunning in their design and appearance, so a Cape Coral condo for sale, for example, will bring about massive interest.

Many of the condo developments overlook the waterfront, and a lot of these also have boat access, an added attraction for a certain type of interested party. They can be high, mid, or low rise buildings, in addition there are coach, or carriage homes available, plus town-type houses, and holiday homes, which prove extremely popular. Everything about Cape Coral just seems so classy, with architecture of the highest standard. Cleanliness leaps out at you, all the landscaping is to a quality specification and seems so sharp and eye catching.

The views are in the main, simply fantastic, always helped of course by the blue skies and shimmering heat. The tiny bays add to the scenery, making the purchase of any Cape Coral condo for sale, a much sought after transaction. The properties can be aimed at single or multi-families, so come with many different numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, ranging from 2 up to in some cases 6 or even 7. The gardens are often shared, but are all impeccably kept and simply add to the attractiveness of the surroundings.

The Cape Coral economy is based on local government services, and promotes business relocation into the area. Retail, health care, and construction, also feature prominently too. The city has expanding private and public school systems, both of which perform to extremely high standards. Just like any progressive place, Cape Coral does not stand still, with developments constantly springing up and adding to the already excellent assets it has in its location. Culturally, a 180 seater facility for performing arts, is always very well received, plus the historical museum allows visitors and residents alike, a chance to retrace the incredible journey the city has taken in its brief 54 year history.

As this city is situated in Florida, the wildlife is full of interesting species. The area supports dolphins, gopher tortoises, song birds, waterfowl, wading birds, and all manner of reptiles. Within the boundaries is Rotary Park which is the adopted home of raptors, foxes and some of the most beautiful butterflies on the planet. If nature influences decisions, then a Cape Coral condo for sale ought to be snapped up quickly, because there are some of the most exotic creatures in the state, right on the doorstep. Basically, this city just oozes quality.

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